Residential Cleaning Services

Maid Services You Can Count On

If you find yourself too tired or occupied to keep up with the demands of always keeping your home or apartment clean, get in touch with German Maid Service in Lansing, KS. We are the standard bearer when it comes to residential cleaning. With our specialized maid services, you can spend your time and energy doing the things you love the most.

Clean Staircase in Bright Interior

Our Cleaning Routine

We Also Prioritize Our Cleaners’ Wellbeing

Our company is a family-owned cleaning business. Aside from ensuring that your property is thoroughly cleaned, we also safeguard the health of our cleaning staff members. In considering the safety of our team, unfortunately, we can’t move anything heavy. We can’t clamber up and down ladders and clean up hazardous bodily fluids. If cleaning at height is necessary, expect us to always try to find an alternate solution.

Discuss Your Cleaning Requirements With Us

Whether you prefer occasional or regular residential cleaning services, we have the cleaning program that fits your needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules. If there is anything about our maid services that is not to your satisfaction, you can give us a call. Take advantage of our free, no obligation cleaning service quote. Just give us the details of your cleaning requirements, and we will handle the rest. For business owners in need of janitorial services, we also do commercial cleaning.

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